Hi, I'm Joseph, a games programmer from Ireland who loves making, playing and watching games. I recently graduated from Letterkenny Institute of Technology where I studied "Computing with Computer Games Development". Most of my experience is in the Unity game engine, programming in C# but I always like to learn new engines, programming languages or even new tools for other parts of games development such as art asset creation. 


I began teaching myself coding and games development when I was 14, back in 2009, using GameMaker, using it's proprietary coding language. After trying several other engines, to try find a good 3D capable engine, I found and used Unity 3D in 2011 which I've been using on and off for personal projects for about 7 years. Outside of programming, I also attempted to learn art for years, mostly using Blender3D for 3D and a mix of Krita and G.I.M.P for 2D, which I think really benefited me as it gave me a deeper understanding of the process artists generally go through. 

Whenever I play games, I play pretty much any genre but I mostly love RPG, Action and Shooter games. Whenever I'm playing games I tend to analyse the game a lot and think of adjustments or features I would add if I was one of its developers.

When I'm not doing anything related to games, I'm usually working on the farm I live and grew up on. I also spend my time doing chat moderation on Twitch.tv and Discord for a Twitch partnered streamer, fixing my or my family's old electronics, listening to music, watching shows and reading comics.


  • Programming in C#, Java, JavaScript

  • Writing shaders in HLSL

  • Developing games in Unity3D

  • Developing games using HTML5 Canvas, CSS and javascript and porting it to mobile using Apache Cordova.

  • Source control using Plastic SCM, Git and Bitbucket

  • Building for Android in Unity

  • Setting up and publishing to Google Play Store's closed Alpha/Beta test publishing

  • 3D modelling, UV unwrapping and texturing in Blender 3D and 3ds Max 

  • Sculpting, retopolgizing and generating maps for normal and AO maps in Blender 3D

© 2019  Joseph Kane

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