Personal Projects

Below you can find some of my smaller side projects that I created in my personal time. Dont forget to check out my main projects which are larger and much more polished.

Target Practice

A target shooting game I created in the Unity game engine, with coding in C#. Originally created in Unity 2017.1 and updated to 2018.2.

The player must destroy all targets as fast as they can, over 4 rounds, with a different weapon each round.


  • 4 different weapons: 

    • Pistol: Semi automatic firing with medium spread

    • Machine gun: Automatic rapid firing with high spread

    • Shotgun: Shoots multiple spread out pellets each shot

    • Sniper: Slow firing but can be scoped to zoom in and have no spread

  • Targets shatter.

  • Slow motion effect with cinematic camera following the bullet for the last shot of each round.

  • Bullet hole decals where bullets hit object.

  • Object pooling used for bullet hole decals. Improves performance by creating a set size pool of the objects on start, that can be enable/disabled and repositioned rather than destroying and instantiating new objects.

MineSweeper Clone

A clone of MineSweeper that I created in the Unity game engine, with coding in C#. Created in Unity 2017.3


  • Adjustable grid size and amount of mines can be changed by the user or can be set by picking one of the 3 preset difficulties. Values are verified as they are entered to make sure that the created minefield is viable, with a warning shown and start button disabled when verification fails. (Example: More mines than available grid spaces)

  • Procedurally generated minefield with dynamic camera adjustments to fit any grid size to the screen.

  • On clicking a cell, either ends game if it's a mine or shows the number of adjacent mines or on clicking empty cell, opens up all surrounding connected non mine cells.

  • Right click adds flags to cells that prevents clicking them.

  • First click is guaranteed to not be a mine.

  • Polished with screen shake on clicking bombs and particle confetti on winning.

© 2019  Joseph Kane

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