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"Firefighter" is an unreleased 2D, pixel art game for Windows, involving firefighters rescuing people from a burning building. The player controls the firefighter jumping between windows and the firefighters with the net at the bottom. A window will go on fire after a resident is thrown out of it or when the window's random timer runs out, which is indicated by the flashing speed of the window and so the player must plan the order in which they throw people out. At the same time, the player must also catch the falling residents using the firemen with the net at the bottom, which will bounce them off to safety. The gameplay requires quick planning to save the residents in lower timer windows first, while also not blocking off a path with fire, as the fire will lower the players health, indicated in the bottom left corner. The player receives points for each resident saved and bonus points if they save the baby that is dropped by a passing stork at random times.

The game was created in the Unity game engine, with code written in C#

My responsibilities: ​

  • Brainstormed initial game ideas and discussed with the team the potential of each idea in terms of both fun and scope.

  • Developed a prototype level for testing basic gameplay.

  • Programmed core gameplay elements such as player controls, firemen movement, throwing residents, catching and bouncing of residents, window timers, fire damage and level completion functionality.

  • Implemented fire damage feedback using a healthbar animation and a subtle screen flash effect.

  • Implemented HUD and programmed its functionality.

  • Programmed random appearance of stork which drops a baby at a random location for the player to catch for bonus points.

  • Programmed movement and random spawning of multiple variants of moving clouds and cars for aesthetic purposes. Also programmed spawning and movement of the dog which included making it stop at certain objects to play a different animation.

  • Programmed start cut scene that transitions to main menu and added some animations in the background of main menu.

  • Collaborated with other programmers on merging the features we added into a single project and level.

  • Collaborated with the artist, to add the art and animations into the game.

  • Upgraded the project from Unity version 4 to 5, which involved some changes to the project. We felt the upgrade was worth it for the new tools Unity 5 provided.

  • Polished final version of game, tested and bug fixed all found bugs.

  • Documented my changes, issues, bugs found and bugs fixed.

  • Attended weekly meetings with the team to discuss and document progress and issues that week and to plan for the following week.

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