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“Leap A Head” is a puzzle platforming game released for Android and IOS. In the game, the player must help a snake reach the goal (a gem) by using a unique game mechanic in which the snake automatically rotates around shapes and the player taps on the screen to make the snake jump perpendicularly to the side of the shape it is currently on.

I worked on the game with the original team of 4 programmers, 2 artists and a sound designer, creating and developing the idea and prototypes. I worked on the game in the Unity game engine and coded in C#. Plastic SCM was used for source control.

My contributions include:

  • Programming gameplay during prototyping phase

  • Contributing to game ideas and design

  • Implementing UI sprites, functionality and animations for the start screen, menu and ingame HUD.

  • Implemented visual feedback during gameplay such as a screen shake and a current jump direction indication

  • Implemented snake tail and programmed it to stay consistent in size through changes in speed

  • Managing building of the Android version of the game

  • Managing submissions to Google Play Alpha testing, 2 times every week

  • Testing and bug fixing

  • Gathering feedback at playtesting events

  • Optimising build file size

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